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Thirty-Third Sunday in the Ordinary time

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.” Mark 13:31


Yes, it is true.  Heaven as it is now and Earth as it is now will pass away.  The Gospels and the Book of Revelation speak to this truth.  As we draw close to the end of this liturgical year, we are reminded of this fact.  We are reminded that Jesus will return in splendor and glory and will make all things new.  The world as we know it will be made anew, and Heaven will be joined to this new Earth, and all will be one.  Jesus will reign in this new world as the glorious King of all.

Reflect, today, upon the simple fact that everything in life is passing away except the words of our Lord.  All that He has spoken and revealed to us will remain for all time, and these truths are the only thing in life worth working for.  Turn your eyes to the Word of God and try to grasp its meaning more deeply so that you can begin to build up treasure in Heaven here and now!


Lord, I do believe all that You have spoken and revealed.  Help me to listen to You all the more and to cling to Your every word.  Jesus, I trust in You. Yes

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