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Our Communities

Our SJT community is the first place of our mission and we are sent on mission to the community and by the community.

“Today as yesterday, God is calling us to follow Christ. Today as Yesterday, receiving our yes, God consecrates us to this service and sends us to proclaim the Good News.” Each of our communities……………; a cell chosen by God to advance the Kingdom showing to the world that communion in diversity is possible, because of Jesus Christ and His Spirit of Love.” (Constitutions Art. No. 2,25)


Central KenyaCoastal KenyaNortheast KenyaEast KenyaNairobi KenyaRift Valley KenyaDjiboutiUSA
Archdiocese of Nyeri:
SJT Muringato Community
SJT Karatina Community
Archdiocese of Mombasa

SJT Tudor Community
Diocese of Garissa

SJT Garissa Community
Diocese of Meru

SJT Mukothima Community
SJT Mugumoni Community
Archdiocese of Nairobi

SJT provincial Community
SJT Nairobi Community
Diocese of Nakuru

SJT Kipsaraman Community
SJT Njoro Community
SJT Djibouti CommunityVirginia
Diocese of Garissa

SJT Hola Community
Diocese of Embu

SJT Makutano Community
SJT Embu Community
SJT Kerie Community
SJT Kevote Community
Diocese of Lodwar

SJT Turkana Community
SJT Lodwar Community
Diocese of Machakos

SJT Kabaa Community