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Do you want to become  part of the story of the sisters of St. Joseph of Tarbes?

Being part of the story of the Sisters of saint Joseph of Tarbes is to experience the call, to collaborate through our life commitment in this mission of bringing COMMUNION to a divided world! For this mission of COMMUNION we draw strength from our life of deep PRAYER and COMMUNITY living.

Pray for a young Person

Lord Jesus Son of God and the Saviour of our world. 

I believe in you and I adore you.  I thank you for what I am today.  You have blessed me through all my experiences of life, joyful and painful.  I thank you for your special love for me.

Lord, in your life time, you met many young persons and you loved them.  You asked some of them to “go back to your family, others, to “leave all and follow me”.  Today, you look at me with love and you are calling me to a special life, which you have chosen for me.  Help me Lord to be attentive to your love, to your look and call.  Make clear to me the path you want me to follow.  Grant me the courage to choose your way for me, so that wherever I live I may live close to you.  Amen


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